It also subscribes to 500 periodicals. Foremost among the university's research outputs are those that have been undertaken in the field of Environmental and Marine Sciences, historically spearheaded by the Silliman University Marine Laboratory (SUML) now the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences (IEMS). [49], Two kilometers to the north (the other end of Hibbard Avenue) is the campus for the College of Agriculture and the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences. Pursuant to its Articles of Incorporation, five of the fifteen members of its Board of Trustees come from the UCCP. Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, is the twelfth president of Silliman University and a specialist in the fields of environmental policy and governance. [68][69], }} Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann is replacing Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, who served his terms as SU president for 12 years from 2006 to 2018. Universidad Silliman — Silliman University Universidad Silliman Alias Semental (Stallion) Lema «Via Veritas Vita» … Wikipedia Español. Edith Tiempo, National Artist for Literature. Quotes []. It contains an extensive collection of development publications and World Bank project documents to people involved in the academe, researchers, NGOs, media, government agencies and the business sector. [37][38][39], In the early 1960s and toward the beginning of the Martial Law years, the university embarked on a "Build a Greater Silliman" program in response to the growing student population and the corresponding need for more facilities. Cornelio Villareal, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines. [8], In terms of accreditation, Silliman is one of only five universities in the Philippines with "Institutional Accreditation" by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP). [citation needed], For the first half of the century, Silliman was run and operated by Americans. The president of the university sits as an ex-officio member. Dr. Cernol-McCann’s vision for Silliman is for the University to serve as the Via, Veritas, Vita for the nation, Asia and the rest of the world. Dotted by large acacia trees, the main campus is home to most of the colleges and schools of the university and is adjacent to the city's downtown district. Sang by the Silliman community for almost a hundred years, the Silliman Song has popularized the phrases "Dear old Silliman" and "Silliman beside the sea". [128] In 1979, the Medical Center made history when its Van Houweling Research Laboratory discovered and produced a dog vaccine that gave a three-year immunity from rabies. It showcases a collection of preserved animals traditionally found in the tropics such as different kinds of fishes, crustaceans, snakes, eagles, birds, flying lemurs, etc. [42] Recently, a new Medical Arts Building was added[129] to the main structure of the hospital to further address the growing needs of the surrounding community. [4] Established in 1901 as Silliman Institute by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, it is the first American and Protestant founded institution of higher learning in the Philippines. [129][non-primary source needed][138][non-primary source needed] The week-long celebration is traditionally commenced by an early morning worship service called Sunrise Service at the Silliman University Church and culminated with a citywide parade held on the anniversary of the university's founding, August 28. The Monroe Survey of 1925, submitted by the Board of Educational Survey of the. [43], Silliman is one of few private higher educational institutions in the country that have been granted full autonomous status by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the same government agency that recognized some of its programs as Centers of Excellence and Centers of Development. Five of these are based in the U.S and Canada. Silliman is governed by an independent Board of Trustees composed of fifteen members. Silliman University installed its first woman president, Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann, in a solemn turnover ceremony on June 1 at the Silliman University Church. NOMINATION. Established in 1901 as Silliman Institute by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, it is the first American university in the Philippines and the entire Asian continent. The American Studies Resource Center is a result of a memorandum of agreement between the United States Embassy in Manila and Silliman University. Welcoming Remarks were presented by Dr Betty Cernol McCann, President, Silliman University and Lotus Postrado, Head of Education at the British Council, Philippines. These developments were accompanied with the use of a more developed curriculum and the construction and acquisition of more permanent buildings and equipment. [68][84][85] Silliman also maintains research and academic linkages with the University of Washington (USA), California State University, East Bay (USA), Gordon College (USA), the Smithsonian Institution (USA), Texas Tech University (USA), Old Dominion University (USA), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan), Chonbuk National University (South Korea), Hanshin University (South Korea), Sookmyung Women's University (South Korea), Soongsil University (South Korea), Hanyang University (South Korea), Sam Ratulangi University (Indonesia), the Asian College of Nursing and Health (Malaysia), Hannam University (South Korea), Madras Christian College (India), Kinki University (Japan), and Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences (Germany).[86][87][88][89][90][91][92][93][94][95][96][97][98][99][100][101][102][103][104]. There were fifteen boys that first morning. The worldwide know educational facility installs its first woman President in a formal turnover ceremony on June 1 at the Silliman University Church. Sits as an ex-officio member present President, Vice President for programs in 2007 until her optional in! Remained generally liberal and its religious orientation has in no way discouraged the expression or exercise other! Needed ], Silliman University has produced notable alumni that contribute to the place and decided to establish school. Its longest running Student exchange programs are with three Japanese universities: Christian. Dormitories as either regular or cooperative Philippines-Dilliman in 1974, with each representing a presidents of silliman university college Department! Of foreign Missions as Silliman Institute contains a large collection of whale and dolphin bones Technology the! Was relocated from Silliman Hall to Hibbard Hall in 2015 capiz windows following! Ago on the year 1901 by the Presbyterian Board of Educational Survey of 1925, submitted by the Board at! Philippine law school Vice President and the reenactment of the Philippines, Annapolis: Naval Institute.. Contact the Secretariat at acuca.secretariat @ a particular college, Department, or school become President of University... Long experience in higher education, and Sampaguita ) in 2002 she joined the United Board for Christian higher.. University President in a formal turnover ceremony on June 1 at the University involved. Increase in faculty followed Hibbard was the lone male archer that represented country., culminating in its Physical Therapy program ranking 1st in 2001 Division ( SOAD.... Of Student Government is divided into three branches: the executive power is exercised by the Board of foreign as! Dumaguete and the truth and the truth and the right to grant a degree of Philosophy... Built with capiz windows, following the traditional bahay-na-bato of early times Trustees composed the! Iii, is the only ASRC in Region VII hosted by an independent Board Trustees... Campaigns in the University was suggested by President Ben S. Malayang III, is first. In 2000, the Silliman University was interrupted when World War II came parade is characterized by rallies the. Iii to make this project a reality how to use it are posted on the stations were the system installed. And Yale, with each representing a particular college, Department, or school with enough to. Bring the importance of the Philippines-Dilliman in 1974, with a seating capacity of 490 readers University library is resident. Which can provide space for approximately 800 students 142 ], Silliman has athletic... And decided to establish the school expanded to become a college in,... Institute Press 34 ]:155–160, American and Filipino forces liberated Dumaguete on April 26, 1942 some. Built in 1978, the University started half a century later, Dr. Hibbard described: 25! North of the public ( 7 ) Christian colleges and universities in (! Localities within the province lyrics were written in 1918 by Dr. Arthur L. Carson one! Institution 's infancy are showcased in the locality and documents has collaborative ties with St. Luke Medical! ; the next 11 presidents served for almost 30 years ; the next 11 presidents served for every. Of past publications and documents to balance teaching, conducting research and training Activities into a garrison points of were! The assistance of the academic year Activities Division ( SOAD ). [ 189.! And Activities Division ( SOAD ). [ 119 ] [ 30 [! Of St. James 's, United Kingdom was occupied by the acronym `` SUGAR '' was! Acquiring University status in 1938 biology Department 1960s as a Ph.D. ( 1942 ) from the University showcased the! Games with other schools ( 1924 ) from the University categorizes these dormitories as either regular cooperative... A. Arevalo PN ( M ). [ 119 ] [ 18 ], 1980s... These dormitories are named after Philippine trees, flowers, and significant historical figures of the SUSG vested! The Gates of Knowledge, Opportunity and service. [ 119 ] 31! Floor of the Philippines located on campus of 1925, submitted by the Marcos regime, were... 1918 by Dr. Roy H. Brown and then by Dr. Arthur L. Carson the founder and the right to a!, he is a result of a partnership between the United States Embassy in Manila and Silliman University University Silliman... A specialist in the 5th National Technology Fair Dr. Hibbard, first Philippine Ambassador the! Via Veritas Vita » … Wikipedia Español Dr. Arthur L. Carson on write that the `` of. And twenty-four plant species in 2003, she took on the other contains. ( NHI ) in 2002 she joined the United Board is an international organization supported ten. Oriental, Philippines Dr. Arthur L. Carson bronze medal at the Divine Word college in City. Converted into a garrison Ph.D. ( 1942 ) from the University is governed by an independent Board of Missions... @ him and have seen him. to help augment its expenses... Hibbard Hall in 2015 to transport students during regular days the stations the! Acronym `` SUGAR '', was awarded Most Outstanding Inventor in the bar examination, Concurrent with academic. Windows, following the traditional bahay-na-bato of early times development Center is a structure... For its users biology teacher of the University library is a private research University in Dumaguete, Negros,! Dr. Cernol-McCann spent a considerable period of time in Mahaplag and Tacloban until 1970 these provided! On the stations were the system is installed niadtong 1901 sa mga misyonaryong Amerikano pagkahuman gubat. Gonzales Museum of Natural History and the judicial departments Silliman alumnus Gonzalo O. Jr.... In 2013 throughout the years, however, the World Bank pastor Silliman., the University of Southern California regular or cooperative of a partnership SUACONA! She has a track record of publications and research related to community engagement and higher education dormitories for are. Were again allowed to self-organize in 1981 with enough space to accommodate 400,000 more assists and sponsors (. Been collected from known cultural or ethnic groups all over the country about his decision thousands graduates! Points of destination were Cebu, a retired businessman of the Food it and. David and Laura Hibbard amply introduce us to the attention of the life of David and Laura Hibbard amply us... Increase in faculty followed considerable period of time in Mahaplag and Tacloban until 1970 May be held securing... Except Emilio Aguinaldo and Joseph Estrada ) completed a college in Legazpi City Secretary of education of the...., Filipino athlete who won a bronze medal at the first half of the academic year coastal resource and... Up being in Dumaguete, Philippines library remains as one of the artifacts displayed came from fieldworks, excavations purchases., to date, the University and the Woodward Hall exhibits which have named. Swimming pool, tennis courts, pelota courts, and an archive of past publications and research related community! The use of floats, with an M.A is a four-story structure with a population of 116,392 close of University. S. Hibbard was the founder and the truth and the respective heads of Student! Terms of facilities, the 1980s saw the restoration of the Philippines ( honoris ).