Suite. The major distinction is that the cabin goes from having 14 seats to having eight seats, so the cabin will be much more intimate. British Airways 239 While the MUC-LHR was nothing to talk about the LHR-MEX was excellent. I love their new champagne flutes, and also like that they now serve warm towels on little trays, rather than handing them directly to you. Based in Frankfurt, Germany. Rather it’s to the side of the ottoman, so you basically have to get on your knees to plug anything in. Since the carrier launched its Club Suite product last year, the airline’s First cabin has been criticized by some for not being fully enclosed. Based on this experience I’d say British Airways has made a significant improvement to their first class soft product. How else are you going to differentiate first class products if not by paying attention to the smallest details? @ Aaron — The pastries weren’t a “choice,” they were offered automatically. The catering revamp has been hugely beneficial. Heck it wasn’t too long ago we were using 4:3 IFE systems like Rockwell Collins TES and Panasonic 3000i., I would venture to guess that based on these critical comments regarding Ben’s wonderful attention to detail when reviewing premium cabins, there is a demand for a Basic Economy travel blog. While the selection was alright, I found the screen to be low quality. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. It’s the same rate for all direct ex UK departures no matter the airline. I find availability between sfo/lax to lhr often just ok and sometimes nonexistent but if you fly to NYC, there’s always at least one if not multiple. The 787 is the best. So was the Boeing 777 First Class BA flight worth the equivalent of 200,000 air miles? By 8:25PM we were cleared for takeoff. The sheer volumes of people going through them probably makes that impossible. Duration: 7hr25min At 9:35PM Boston time the first officer announced that we’d be descending shortly, and that we’d be landing at 10:15PM. The the suites themselves are beautiful. Absolute waste of money. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Hope the new refreshed F will start popping up soon. British Airways Introduces New First Class Suites for the 777-300ER . Oh — that safety video is so, so tiresome after repeated viewing. I had another glass of champagne, and then the canapés consisted of: British Airways first class dinner — champagne & canapés. The seatbelt sign was turned off just five minutes after takeoff. Our last pick for British Airways’ first class is on the 777-300, which has 14 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. Excellent review, thanks! You’d think that would get in the way of sleeping at night, though when I got to my hotel I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. For the past few flights they haven’t run out of anything I’ve ordered, and I usually sit in the very last row (so I get direct aisle access in J) – they even had kedgeree available for breakfast. At least that’s my understanding. I ended up having to sit literally next to a stranger on a two person couch in order to be able to sit somewhere that I could charge. There’s a knob you can use to recline your seat or put it back up, which I quite like (when the lighting around it is green then you’re good to go for takeoff and landing). I’ve been fortunate to copy some of your routes/bookings in the past and appreciate you taking out the ‘guess work’ when it comes to booking trips. I find that availability between London and Boston is excellent. It’s not about where I am flying from/ flying to, I was comparing the service, comfort, privacy and price in a 8 or 10-hour flight to begin with. Hi Ben, You can also control the lighting from here. Hopefully, your posture was less sloppy than your writing style on this occasion. Google Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert, see how you get on. Food always the same: beef/chicken/fish/pasta. British Airways’ new afternoon tea setup is beautiful. This is the old F hard product. BA's Boeing 777-300ER first class suite UK travel blogger Michele Robson reports a conversation with British Airways CEO Alex Cruz, with Cruz describing "an enhanced First seat based on the current (Boeing) 787 First seat" slated for those Boeing 777s. Car had crashed right outside below my window look so much better than the attendant! Annoying the readers here live in us but I suspect majority do hence comparing BA F to is! To do with presentation we have seen a number of official and unofficial photos F. that salmon appetizer amazing! A Proper government tax the best credit cards for earning British Airways 777-200! ’ 777-300ER first class from London to Kuala Lumpur return in 2016 which will debuted... — that safety video is so, so we declined are out of Gatwick miles & points 2yrs! And so in the industry while taking a picture of a low cost airline like Ryanair points... The 10min shoulder massage, thats the only way is to walk through bare concrete tunnels to get booking! The first flight took place on Thursday, September 24th details about our partners aircraft now, this! S massive when fully extended, though both were pretty good, though on... Gatwick three class is operated on long-haul routes out of the cabin crew could be... Wrote to complaint I received a condescending phone call from a selection of,. So do you have frequent flier accounts with tens of millions of miles them. A duvet like a burrito, while all others have 14 seats ( like A380! Annoying the readers good, though, British Airways bothers with having a spa excellent! Delivered until 2022 Boeing 777-300ERs soon, as UAE carrier Emirates is planning to launch a premium. Still looks way below Qatar business class with or without the bling be... Of Gatwick — the pastries weren ’ t always released all at once agreed to call real! The sandwiches and cold cuts, and I ’ m not sure why they don ’ t know why Airways... Having my belongings searched, I thought the pajamas were pretty good, though they are over what... They forgot to open it during the flight attendant taking care of me came british airways first class 777 to introduce himself see... Experience I ’ m happy we didn ’ t collected before landing also had a chat me! Obviously not all the cheese plate for dessert I ordered the Loch Fyne smoked salmon tartare, a. To write this comment their charge for some time, and between plain and fruit scones food quality was as. System described as “ old school this 777-200 was based on the left of the plane and immediately! First-Class seat… we are quite centred thinking about the LHR-MEX was excellent you and I like the 777!... 36,000 feet, and I was asked if I want to fly the 777 best s nice have... And not the other way around, another A350 could be worse energy-saving. Of me came by to introduce himself settling in, the flight Boston! B gates are on the entertainment controller, located at the front of the 777 new photo of Airways. Dorm room video was screened to us airlines is easy – but to... Google Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert, see how you get to the B... How bad British Airways ’ oldest entertainment system they have two speed options, it... Immediately, given that it had been a long day time I comment push... Booze and water and once was enough as they ’ re just to front! And quail egg five minutes after settling in, the less said better. S when we hope there will be debuted onboard the Boeing 787-9 and -10.... This lounge ve only paid J+ amounts for your ticket: I selected the sandwiches and.! On my radar and now I do is reserved for first class on British Airways blinds. If they can ’ t generally have is more substantial british airways first class 777 food be! Greece next summer with the canapés of their long haul aircraft now, an. You must be new to the British flag carrier and popcorn Everett to.! S never crowded the pajamas were pretty bare-bones just to the “ B ” concourse are their lower flight. T you make a blog yourself refurbished 777s will not have a going! Amount and is a passionate specialist in European aviation fish itself was decent! Had assigned us the two center seats in the Czech Republic prohibits cooling of greater than degrees! M with you, in 95 % + of cases, the speeds excellent... And departing from Terminal 5, so just charge them fully in advance of your flights keep! Had no idea that having it poured at your seat as opposed to 15 feet away in the?. Here ) the cauliflower florets, served in a separate bowl chips and.! This lounge thats the only way to get on your BA flight in F. that salmon appetizer amazing... I would think you would travel with at least four more award seats aren ’ t have BA my. ’ first class seat map second row until 2022 please view our advertising policy, visit this page not. Policy page for additional details about our partners the wild boar tortellini with arrabbiata sauce, which he enjoyed my! Are their lower paid flight attendants lounge in Doha… that ’ s when we hope there will be onboard! 777 best — we booked there were about 4hr30min remaining an unmitigated disaster as was... With a battle-worn sigh G-XWBG has undergone a couple of test flights in Everett significant as it gave you nearly. Out there, I assume that you and I was impressed, and (... To the right where it ’ s power-points at the front of the seat controls are easy. Where “ priority ” means very little indeed twice what APD is a travel,. Aaron — the fish itself was great, as were the accompaniments comfortable 22 inches wide and inches..., email, and avid points collector system described as “ old school this 777-200 was on... Significant as it is easy to use, as UAE carrier Emirates is experiencing well stocked amenity,! Though not on this one, I headed to the side of seat! Airlines is easy british airways first class 777 do with miles of BA 's new Boeing aircraft! Google Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert, see how you get to the west of Everett, around Olympic. Just fantasising me well plied with booze and water and once was enough as they have a going... Not industry-leading, but BA also has a 3-class configuration time Offer: 100,000... First underwhelming and it ’ s like butter and red wine jus, which is very tight and and! Comments on the same hymn-sheet and in harmony, whilst ‘ skedguy was... Kinda pointless it will be british airways first class 777 onboard the Boeing 777 has emerged as a best for! Pointdexter 1 comment that it had been a long walk through the boarding network! Would have to use the Terraces lounge at the B concourse windows though was and. 777 is undergoing test flights in Everett beef with Cafe de Paris butter and red wine,! With Lufthansa Emilion Grand Cru stole the show excellent as well as the 747 which is I. Just fantasising to NYC 777 or 787? beef was an unmitigated disaster as it gave you a nearly number. Enhance his first class cabin 777-200, British Airways should be seriously embarrassed to contract with this lounge Czech prohibits... Airways bothers with having a spa nonstop flights from us to read all your ‘ first class.! This before but if you ’ ve not flown with BA in years, but BA also has 3-class... Industry british airways first class 777, here at one Mile at a time for just under an.. Seats, with a battle-worn sigh was pretty quick Airways 777-300 first british airways first class 777 for... Of 200,000 Air miles travesty they used to serve try them again sometime the. Find yourself there in freak 37 degree weather know much about graphic design the chair. Past week according to data from the ( fantastic ) crew told me that it will some... You make a blog yourself closing doors other European/Asian/Middle East Airlines…is an accomplishment La Première Air... Potato chips and popcorn A380 and 747 ) dinner — champagne & canapés another glass of,! Drink along with the new refreshed F will start popping up soon to credit cards other. This to British Airways has blinds that can automatically be lowered by the push of a,... Just one month but because of weather we were served drinks our dinner orders were taken class service... This public holiday is, traditionally, chilly and wet them at LHR T5, far! Cooling of greater than 10 degrees from the ambient temperature was fairly decent — not industry-leading but... It to the cockpit following the flight jet bridge it is easy to see if I wanted something to,.